Choosing Beautiful Interior Doors

Changing the Look of Your Kitchen on a Budget

When you want to redo your kitchen, there are a number of ways you can make changes while on a budget.  Instead of buying new cabinets, you can choose to refinish the cabinets instead. Some new cabinet hardware and a different stain can make your cabinets look brand new. Other changes that you can make include installing a new floor, painting the floor, putting a new coat of paint on the walls, and changing out some of your appliances. Whether you are looking for an entirely new look or are just looking to refresh your space, some creativity will work wonders. Make the most out of your living space by changing the look of your kitchen while staying on budget. 

Refinishing Your Cabinet Doors

When you make the decision to refinish your cabinet doors, you have to be careful of whether they are made out of particle board. You can't sand particle board, as you will probably ruin the surface. If you want to change your cabinet doors, and they aren't solid, you can buy new cabinet doors without investing in completely new cabinets. To make the cabinets look completely different, you can purchase new cabinet hardware from a company such as REFCO. A few small changes, and the cabinets in your kitchen will look brand new again.

Changing the Floor in Your Kitchen While on a Budget

With the huge variety of flooring options available today, it's possible to change out your floor in your kitchen while still maintaining a budget. While linoleum flooring is still the most popular in kitchens, floors made from highly sustainable bamboo are also quite popular. Bamboo flooring can look like solid wood flooring, but it is much more affordable than hardwood.

Using Lighting to Make a Splash

The right lighting can make your kitchen go from blah to fabulous. Try using some affordable hanging pendant lights or a row of recessed lighting to set the mood in your kitchen. A few well-placed light fixtures will make the new design of your kitchen look great.

Making Do When You Can't Afford New Appliances

Appliances can be the biggest expense in a kitchen renovation, and most people on a budget can't afford new ones. You can spruce up your appliances by giving them a thorough cleaning first. There are a variety of paints available that now make it possible for you to paint your appliances. You can take a boring, tan-colored refrigerator and make it look brand new again with the right paint. If your appliances are in good shape, consider fixing them up instead.