Choosing Beautiful Interior Doors

4 Ways To Make Your Front Entryway More Grand

You want people to be completely wowed when they first walk into your home, so your entryway needs to be dazzling. After all, your door is the first impression to your home, so you need to make sure your personality and sense of style is expressed straight away. Since your entryway is the very first thing people will view when they enter your home, it makes sense to ensure that this area is perfect to the finest detail. Here are 4 ways to make your entryway more grand, so it takes everyone's breath away with their first step into your home.

Column balusters

Whether you have stairs or not, a railing guiding people to your front door as a focal point is a great way to impress guests before they even walk into your home. Opt for Greek-inspired wrought iron balusters with a twisting or grapevine inspired railing to give your exterior entryway the attention it deserves. You can make your balusters stand out even more by installing floor lights in soft yellow hues on either side of them to illuminate the area at night in an intimate, welcome manner.

Chandelier lighting

A chandelier is a classic addition to any entryway and adds sparkling color to the room while drawing everything in. Make sure a chandelier hangs high enough that a person has to crane up a bit to see it, otherwise it can appear too intrusive. A large wall mirror placed behind a chandelier can make it appear even more grand.

Double doors

If your current door is a single, consider doing a small upgrade to your entryway and install a double door instead. Double doors make a space appear wider and larger and give your home a rustic appeal. Opt for reclaimed or exotic woods in your door design to really make them pop.

Fruit trees

Small potted fruit trees just inside your entryway are a stunning and scented addition that makes your space feel more welcoming. You can allow orange or lemon trees to thrive in your home with a decent amount of water and sunlight. You may not yield any large amounts of fruit, but you will be rewarded with pretty trees and lovely scents that make even dreary days more brilliant.

You want your front entryway to be a stunning addition to your home. Balusters are a great place to start to frame in your doorway and really let your home stand out. Talk to your contractor about all your home remodeling options.