Choosing Beautiful Interior Doors

Fixing Up An Old Commercial Building? Hire A Locksmith To Work On The Doors

Starting a brick-and-mortar business is not a simple task because you need to find a place of operation. It is understandable to not have an enormous budget to start with to lease or buy an impressive space. But, you may have found a perfect opportunity in an old commercial building that you can restore. It may require a lot of work before you can get the business going, but it can save you a lot of money. You should let professionals handle certain tasks because you do not want to risk poor results. So it is well worth hiring a commercial locksmith to handle the installation of doors for your upcoming business.

Make Room for Automatic Doors

Handicapped individuals typically have a hard time getting into any business when they have to go through a standard door. The introduction of automatic sliding doors is certainly helpful, but you may not want to introduce such a feature to the commercial building, nor may it be an appropriate fit.

By going with automatic swing doors that are handicap accessible, you want to abide by the rules and regulations set by the ADA. A locksmith should know exactly how long it should take for an automatic door to close based on door qualities. Such doors will make handicapped customers feel welcome when your business opens up.

Invest in Door Closers

If you want to prevent climate-controlled air from getting outside when people open the door, you should have a locksmith go through all of the standard doors and have door closers installed. It is possible to spend a bit of extra money to get discreet installations to prevent the mechanisms from looking unsightly. Having these features on the doors will also prevent insects from getting inside during business hours.

Focus on Security Measures

In the middle of the day, you may not worry too much about security because your employees can be watchful of the environment around them. But, you may not feel that comfortable with nighttime security when no one is around and the doors are completely vulnerable to break-ins. Investing in a business security system with intrusion detection alarms may cost about $2,000, but you should not hesitate to work with a locksmith to have these alarms installed on the doors to minimize or eliminate false alarms.

By taking action with these measures when fixing up an old building for your business, you will feel better about your ability to satisfy customers and make sure the building is both safe and secure. For more information, contact a business such as A-Dave's Lock & Safe.