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Why Are Commercial Door Repairs Commonly Needed?

Commercial doors are supposed to be durable, and they're supposed to last for a long time even when used in a more heavy-duty environment. However, they will sometimes need repairs, like most things in a commercial environment. Some of the more common reasons why commercial door repairs are often needed can be found here.

Improper Doors Have Been Installed

First of all, door repairs might be needed more frequently if improper doors were installed initially. The best doors for commercial purposes are doors designed specifically for commercial purposes. Some are more durable than others, too, and some are better designed for certain uses. For example, PVC doors are a better choice than wood doors in an environment where moisture is commonly present.

Doors Haven't Been Installed Properly

Commercial doors should be hung properly with quality hardware. If your commercial doors weren't properly reinforced when installed, or if the right hardware was not used during the installation process, then you might find your doors are more prone to needing repairs.

Doors Have Been Used a Lot

Truthfully, even if you have the best commercial doors in place, and even if you've taken good care of them—such as by adding lubricant to the hinges when necessary and keeping them clean—then they might get worn out if they get used a lot. If your commercial doors are older and have been used many times, then it shouldn't be too much of a surprise if they need a little bit of TLC.

Someone Has Tried to Break Into the Building

If someone has attempted to break into your commercial building, then they might have seriously damaged your commercial door. You might not have to replace it, although this is sometimes needed after a break-in. Repairs might be possible, although you might need to repair both the frame and the door, depending on the level of impact.

Something Has Been Crashed Into the Door

Believe it or not, commercial doors sometimes need to be repaired because of something crashing into the door and causing damage. For example, if an employee has crashed a cart full of inventory into the door, or if you a customer has rammed the door with a shopping cart, it might have caused damage.

Even though there are many reasons why commercial door repairs are commonly needed, the good news is that there are many professionals who can help. Contact a professional like AM PM Door Service to find out whether or not your commercial doors can be repaired, and they should help.