Choosing Beautiful Interior Doors

3 Reasons To Install A New Front Door

You might say your front door is how your home makes its first impression. If your entryway isn't as inviting as you'd like, replacing your front door could be a step in the right direction. Here are three reasons to install a new front door in your home.

1. Update Your Entryway Style

Sometimes, the only viable upgrade for an outdated door is to replace it. Many front door design choices of decades past no longer hold up today. Vintage hardware and ornamental panes on your front door can easily make your home look much older than it really is.

An updated front door will help your home make a more modern impression. Full glass doors open up entryways and let plenty of light into the home. Bright colors pop when applied to your front door, while natural wood staining adds a sense of warmth that fits with any home. For an ultra-modern style, consider fiberglass or steel doors rather than wood.

2. Lower Your Energy Bill

Doors and windows are major sources of energy loss in any home. Many homeowners turn to energy-efficient front doors to minimize the loss of heated and cooled air. With an energy-efficient door, the temperature around your door will fluctuate less, and your HVAC system won't need to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. Energy-efficient doors may feature double weatherstripping or an insulated polyurethane core to block heat transfer when the door is closed.

3. Enhance Your Home's Security

As your front door ages, it may weaken and become less capable of withstanding a forced entry attempt. Rotting and splitting are issues of particular concern for wood doors. Replacing your door with a solid-core door reinforces your entryway and enhances home security. Mahogany, steel, and tempered glass are all great materials to consider for a more secure door.

Front door hardware is the next most important factor to consider. Ideally, your new door will be equipped with a deadbolt or chain for added security. Furthermore, remember to replace the frame around your door as well if it shows signs of rot or wear. The frame is the weakest part of any home entryway, so make sure your new door isn't vulnerable.

Front door replacement is both an aesthetic and a functional upgrade for your home. Talk to a local door and window contracting company to learn more about your options to upgrade your front door. For more information, contact a door contractor service near you.